Oof, just taking a deep breath now that I’m back on campus again after spending a day and a night and a morning at Inks Lake State Park camping with some sisters.

My weekend started off with with a 7.58 wake-up text, two minutes before the alarm was going to go off. Then it was last minute shoving pillows and toiletries into backpacks and off we went, headed towards Burnet and Inks Lake. We stopped by a gas station and ate some breakfast tacos. I think at the rate we’re going, we should have an official KDChi breakfast taco recipe to take on all our trips, whether it’s waking up early for service or for camping.

I had never really been out camping much. The last time I went was probably with my family on a church trip at the end of middle school or something like that. So I can’t say that I’ve had much experience with the whole tents and fire deal. But I would still say that this was a really fun and relaxing trip. I got to spend time with sisters, bonding with them whether it was trying to figure out how to set up a tent without instructions (hint: it’s really not that hard if you just take a look at it), freezing off my fingers rolling thawed turkey meat into meatballs for our hobo-pack dinners, or trying to keep the fire going for one last s’more before the wind put it out. It was a bit of work, but I think that adds to it because you become more involved and can see everyone doing their part and you just all come together to have a really fun time.

The funny thing is, this trip was more or less spontaneous. I simply got a text from one of my sisters excitedly inviting everyone out for kayaking and hiking for the weekend. Of course, not everyone could make it, but of those of us who could it was a good time. The reason I call it funny is because if you had asked me back when I was younger, I wouldn’t have gone. I feel like I’ve become more open to experiences, to doing things that might not always have a set schedule or necessarily turn out as planned just because of the nature of it. But that’s how life is, really. It likes to pop up with all sorts of opportunities and choices that you could make and sometimes you just need to take them, even if you have no idea what’s necessarily going on. Joining Kappa Delta Chi has helped me come to this realization by just exposing me to a lot of different people and the way they do things and the connections they have and the windows they open for me. If anything, I feel like we should have more spontaneous events. This camping trip, plus the impromptu Valentine’s Day hang-out we had a while ago, really help to build bonds within our sisterhood and get to connect in a looser setting.

Well, now I’m back home and get to dive right back into homework and other responsibilities. But it’s all good. I’ve had a chance to stretch and breathe and- oh, I still have to unpack. Oh well, I’ll get to that eventually.

Much love,


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