Winding Down

Today was officially the last day of classes for the semester :) Up next is finals week, then a whole month off for winter break (so ready to head home for the holidays). Last year did not prepare me to have all four finals, so I’m stressing a bit. But I know if I follow my study schedule I can survive the week with minimal complaint.

One thing that will keep me going next week is that fact that Tuesday, December 6 is my 20th birthday! Even having a final at 8:30am that day will not diminish my excitement.

ImageI don’t have anything really special planned, but the fact that I can just relax and de-stress that day is good enough for me. Also, I can look forward to getting double presents. Yay for having a birthday during the holidays! (yes, I’m that person)

On a note other than school, Alpha Tau celebrated its first birthday!


We had a celebration on campus to commemorate our first year at Southwestern University with great music and food. We also took various photos:

B for Beta



The Beautiful Ladies of Alpha Tau


And my favorite…

Penguin Pyramids!


I’m very proud of all of my sorority sisters, and I can’t wait to celebrate more years on this campus.

Lastly, I hope every one has a great December and New Year. If you are traveling, have a safe trip!


See you in 2012!



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One comment on “Winding Down

  1. Sue Sreniawski says:

    Happy Birthday to you and to KDChi!

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