Eyes on the Clock at the Texas Senate Chamber

On the chamber floor at Austin, TX, Sen. Wendy Davis delivers a thirteen hour filibuster on SB5, which would close many women’s health clinics in Texas.

Today at 11:18 am, Texas Senator Wendy Davis began the filibuster. Wearing a pair of pink tennis shoes, she will not stop to sit, drink, or rest until midnight. She leads a verbal charge against many conservatives in the state legislature, who would see this bill pass. She speaks evenly on the bill, repeats and clarifies points, lists statistics, and reads the stories submitted by women to the floor; anything to stall for time.  Davis is supported both in the chamber, and outside, by Sen. Zaffirini, Sen. Ellis, Rep. Thompson, Rep. Allen, Rep. Wu, along with our KDChi National President, Rep. Mary Gonzalez, and various others. Several members have worked earlier during the week speaking, or asking questions today in the session, trying to shorten the time that Davis would have to spend talking. One of my favorite parts was when the following occurred:

Senator Ellis: Since I never recieved a clear answer to my question, I would like to amend it to add that, in addition to asking Senator Davis to read protions of the bill – which I believe is germane to the discussion at hand – I would also like to know if it is acceptable for me to ask her to re-read some of the testimony she has given. Since I have had to excuse myself from the room, I have missed some parts of the testimony, and I believe it is important to have all the details of current situation.
President Dewhurst: Do you need a copy of the testimony?
Senator Ellis: Oh, no, I have my copy right here. But the human element is so important. And if she could read slowly, I’m a slow learner, Mr. President.

Support from outside the chamber has been shown from the orange shirts worn by women’s rights supporters, to tweets by a certain Dr. Jill Biden.

Isn’t she a gem?

There is less than an hour and a half to go before the clock runs out and the filibuster successfully shelves the bill until the next special session meets in the Texas Chamber. Let’s keep watching that clock.


This is a post. A post on a blog. A post in time. A post by a KDChi.

Buenas tardes!

Tardes, because it is now after 7 at night and the sun has set behind lavender grey clouds, with only a last farewell to me in a pale blue sky. The morning has gone and the day is done, there is only the evening left to write in this chapter. Heh, chapter from day to book to my lovely sisters. I am sad to leave my home so soon, but lifted by the thought of being alongside my sisters. Though I have worked all this week and rested as well, there is something to be said for doing it again alongside those of like minds. That may be the main reason why I joined. Not for the service and academics and socials that I do hold so high in esteem. But at the core of it all, for the idea and reality of sisterhood. For that bond that is made and cultivated by us all as we share the struggles and triumphs of life as it exists in this moment. It inspires a kind of hope in me, this sisterhood we share. A group of young, intrepid women who stumble and leap and surge ahead in life, afraid and confident of everything they take on. We are all so blessed to have each other to call as sister. Our weaknesses and strengths to balance each other, to learn and teach each other through our own and our collective endeavors. Truly, I look forward to joining my sisters tomorrow.

But that aside, I do not want to return to classes so soon. Can I not sleep and eat in peace a little longer?

I had the most divine cheesecake yesterday, for example. It had strawberries and chocolate crust, all mixed so wonderfully I was almost in tears at the delight. I would really love to have some more of that cheesecake, instead of attending class. Yes, that would be great. Can I petition to the school for a week without classes, devoted to eating pastries?

Perhaps not though. Then I might never stop eating pastries and instead be sucked into a world of madness and milk and eggs and flour. There would be no Sarah to save me from that sugary Jared. Hmm, though another slice right now could not hurt…I would still have time to return to school if I ate but one slice…

Off to eat pastries! Buenas noches!



Oof, just taking a deep breath now that I’m back on campus again after spending a day and a night and a morning at Inks Lake State Park camping with some sisters.

My weekend started off with with a 7.58 wake-up text, two minutes before the alarm was going to go off. Then it was last minute shoving pillows and toiletries into backpacks and off we went, headed towards Burnet and Inks Lake. We stopped by a gas station and ate some breakfast tacos. I think at the rate we’re going, we should have an official KDChi breakfast taco recipe to take on all our trips, whether it’s waking up early for service or for camping.

I had never really been out camping much. The last time I went was probably with my family on a church trip at the end of middle school or something like that. So I can’t say that I’ve had much experience with the whole tents and fire deal. But I would still say that this was a really fun and relaxing trip. I got to spend time with sisters, bonding with them whether it was trying to figure out how to set up a tent without instructions (hint: it’s really not that hard if you just take a look at it), freezing off my fingers rolling thawed turkey meat into meatballs for our hobo-pack dinners, or trying to keep the fire going for one last s’more before the wind put it out. It was a bit of work, but I think that adds to it because you become more involved and can see everyone doing their part and you just all come together to have a really fun time.

The funny thing is, this trip was more or less spontaneous. I simply got a text from one of my sisters excitedly inviting everyone out for kayaking and hiking for the weekend. Of course, not everyone could make it, but of those of us who could it was a good time. The reason I call it funny is because if you had asked me back when I was younger, I wouldn’t have gone. I feel like I’ve become more open to experiences, to doing things that might not always have a set schedule or necessarily turn out as planned just because of the nature of it. But that’s how life is, really. It likes to pop up with all sorts of opportunities and choices that you could make and sometimes you just need to take them, even if you have no idea what’s necessarily going on. Joining Kappa Delta Chi has helped me come to this realization by just exposing me to a lot of different people and the way they do things and the connections they have and the windows they open for me. If anything, I feel like we should have more spontaneous events. This camping trip, plus the impromptu Valentine’s Day hang-out we had a while ago, really help to build bonds within our sisterhood and get to connect in a looser setting.

Well, now I’m back home and get to dive right back into homework and other responsibilities. But it’s all good. I’ve had a chance to stretch and breathe and- oh, I still have to unpack. Oh well, I’ll get to that eventually.

Much love,


Not Bad for 20

As I write this, I’ve just gotten back from a weekend at home. My birthday was yesterday and I’m now 20. That’s odd to think about. It seems so long, like I should have done more with my life already, but then I realize KDChi has been that first step. I never thought I would join a sorority before I met these incredible women. Now that I’m a part of them though, I’m grateful everyday that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing group. They have slowly changed me for the better and forced me to come out of my shell and begin becoming the best person I could be.

I have learned more about myself in getting to know them and have gained sisters to support me, but also sisters who push me to grow. College was the start of this change, but KDChi has only accelerated the process, all in positive ways. With their help, I have begun developing into a confident, independent woman who is out to change the world and leave a mark. Although my goal of being a teacher doesn’t seem as ambitious as say, starting a company, I’ve realized that it’s about attitude. I may end up living with my parents and paying off student loans for several years after I graduate, but hopefully in the end, I will be making a positive difference in the world. I want to be able to encourage others to grow into the best person possible, just like KDChi has been doing with me.

Community service was also a big part of joining them and my experiences in this have not been lacking. Whether it’s volunteering at the Caring Place or handing out shirts at the Buddy Walk, KDChi has helped me to continue living out my high school motto of “I will serve” by going out and helping others. This is something I can carry throughout my life and never stop doing. Whether it’s little things like helping at my church, or organizing larger events to benefit the community, I will never stop helping out where I can. It’s become part of who I am and a part that I’m proud of.

And so, when I think about all this, all KDChi is helping me become, all we are doing and will do to change the world, I realize that I’ve accomplished more than enough to be satisfied, and “Leading with Integrity, United through Service” is definitely something that will continue to shape my life in the years to come. So, really, not bad for twenty.



Busy last two weeks

Hey everyone!

This is my first time blogging and I’m looking forward to writing about the last two weeks (don’t worry, not in detail, just an overview of what’s been going on lately). 

Out of the last fourteen days, only two have not had some sort of KDChi event planned! Unbelievable, I know. We’ve been busy meeting, greeting, wining (metaphorically, of course), dining, and bonding with our perspective members, and now, as of recently, official New Members. Exciting stuff! Not only have we gussied up and suited up for various events, we’ve also poured over loads of used shoes, linens, and tempting beaded skirts/maternity tops/vintage collectibles as we performed over 75 hours of service cumulatively at The Caring Place and at the annual Cupid’s Chase 5K. Needless to say, we’ve been busy being amazing. 

Overall, although these last two weeks have been chaotic and I’m definitively looking forward to a less hectic schedule, I wouldn’t change a thing! It might be because I’m prone to sudden episodes of nostalgia considering this is the second semester of my Senior year, but each of these events reminded me exactly of why I became a KDChi and how much it has defined my college career. This newest class has reminded me of how important it is for a person to surrond themselves with people who possess qualities they admire, and I can safely say that each of the women who belong to this class fit the criteria. It was a sad moment when I realized I would not get to see them as Active sisters taking positions and ruling the campus next semester, but then again, there’s always Homecoming. ;)

With ’87 love and affection, 


The Life Ramblings of a 21-Year-Old

Hello everyone!

My name is Lizette and I’m currently about a month into the final semester of my undergraduate career. Scary! I’m also currently the president of our KDChi – Alpha Tau Chapter, and am super excited because we just finished rush week! I’m a member of the charter class of Alpha Tau, and it’s been quite a journey to see KDChi grow at Southwestern from just an idea to an extremely active and involved organization on campus. 

Looking back on my experience, KDChi was the greatest decision I ever made at SU.  All of my important memories, experiences, triumphs, and defeats have been shared with my sisters.  We’ve laughed, cried, yelled, and fought together every day for the last four years.  That’s incredible — the thought that people can put up with me on such a regular basis (KIDDING!).  It’s really cool to realize to all we have accomplished.  Our particular chapter is recognized for our “outstanding commitment to service to our community”. Out 50+ chapters, for our efforts to be praised is pretty impressive.  I apologize for the random tangents and short blog, but it’s almost 1:30am and my brain is fried from homework (#BeSouthwestern, anyone?). One of these days I’ll post a very structured blog with pictures, quotes, and all sorts of philosophical and profound ideas; this was not one of those days.  :)

Until that day comes … enjoy my sisters’ posts, and take one thing away from here: Working your butt off tirelessly for something you believe in … it pays off.



An Experimenter in the Making

As my second year is winding down so is my research methods in psychology course. It has been a grueling two semesters, and it has all lead up to the most fun part of the course: the experimental study.

My group decided to study how sexual orientation and gender of a gynecologist would affect women’s comfort level in seeing the gynecologists. We got to make fake webpage biotherapies for each gynecologists and we got to somewhat lie to people. We didn’t want the participants to know the real purpose of the study, so we told them that the purpose was about the effectiveness of web pages used by business professionals. We did not find exactly what we were looking for, but we did find that women had a tendency to feel more comfortable with female gynecologists than with male gynecologists.  In addition, women had a tendency to perceive a homosexual female gynecologist as more competent than a heterosexual female gynecologist. Despite only having a couple of good results, the process of conducting an experiment is extremely fun once you get everything planned out.  The research paper is still horrible to write, but what can you do about that?

The most exciting thing about this semester ending is that I know finally get to start taking more psychology course to complete my major. I am hoping to do well enough in these courses to get recruited into the psychology honor society, so wish me luck, please =)

I’m still trying to figure out what I wanted to exactly do with psychology. I know I would love to help people, but now I am also considering advancing my researching skills further, which means doctorate level. I would be known as Dr. Sada or Dr. Samantha R. Sada.  Either one of those sounds so weird, but I think it would be a great challenging and personal striving if I do choose to go down that route.

Well, I still have a little than a year before I need to really make a decision, so hopefully I’ll get an epiphany next semester.

To all those who are graduating this year, I wish you luck. And to those who read this blog, I will see you next school year!

Have a great summer,